Make parental engagement smarter


A powerful school and parent communication app

Weduc is a smart communication app for schools and academies that makes it really easy to engage parents in two-way conversations. The platform enables you to bring everything into one place – from school closures to pupil progress. Parental engagement is key to the success of both your institution, and most importantly, your pupils. Weduc helps you build strong relationships with your communities and engage with them to enhance the learning journey.

Completely customisable, Weduc school communication app works the way you do. It’s also designed with parents in mind – it’s intuitive, and works in much the same way as the social networking and messaging apps they use every day. By combining powerful functionality with familiarity, the app enables you to achieve outstanding parental engagement through a simple and cost-effective platform.


Two-way communication

Stop broadcasting, start engaging. Use free in-app messaging to engage with parents and allow them to instantly respond to you, to create a more meaningful conversation.

Flexible and intuitive

Weduc is designed to bring a familiar and user-friendly mobile app experience to both parents and your staff. It will seamlessly fit in with the use of other messaging and social apps.


Create the Weduc experience that’s right for you. Customise the look and feel with your school’s branding, build the functionality and integrate with the tools you need to maximise engagement.

Measure your success

Weduc’s message and engagement analytics enable you to quickly and easily measure the success of your parental engagement efforts. Take the guesswork out of communication and start getting actionable feedback.

Improve communication in your school or trust

We understand education. We can help you take parental engagement and whole-school communication to the next level.

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Weduc Privacy Policies & GDPR

We are pleased to confirm that Weduc is GDPR compliant. Please read our privacy policies for further information.