The Next Step for Internet Safety in Schools

The next step for internet safety in schools The world is a scary place nowadays, and with the internet ever-evolving, the online world can be even more frightening. The education sector carries a heavy burden on its shoulders when it comes to managing and monitoring child safety and it needs as much help as possible. … Continued

The School Guide: How to Better Engage Parents

The School Guide: How to Better Engage Parents Do you wish there was a better way to ensure that parents are more involved in the lives of students? Are you finding yourself having to constantly remind students about important deadlines and homework? For parents, finding out about sports day and parents evening should be exciting, … Continued

Advantages and Disadvantages of using a Virtual Learning Environment

A noticeable trend that appears to be happening in the education sector is that many schools and universities are moving away from the more common Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) and switching over to using products like Google Apps for Education and Microsoft One Drive. The reason for making this change is likely due to the … Continued