School Branding

Tailor the technology that you communicate with to align with your school brand

Fully branded communication platform

A strong brand identity allows you to present your school in a professional manner; by ensuring your communication and engagement tools are effective, you will better portray your school brand.

It is extremely important to make sure your brand represents what you do, what you stand for, and also highlights what sets you apart from other schools. However, building your brand to something that is memorable is only one-half of the battle – the next part is maintaining the brand image that you have built and promoting it to create brand awareness.

With Weduc being fully brandable, your school colours, logo and images can flow through from your website onto both the Weduc platform and app, allowing parents, teachers and students to feel more at ease when using Weduc as everything will feel familar.

Our main features of branding are:

·         Fully customisable colours

·         Your school logo

·         Customised banner image

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    Your school brand is important, not only does it reflect exactly what your school is like, but it also influences peoples’ opinions of it.