Parental involvement and academic achievement: what you need to know

One of the ongoing challenges that many schools face is properly engaging parents in both a child’s learning journey and also the wider school community and its activities. The traditional parents evening and open days aside, in an always-on, always-connected world, parents and schools alike are demanding more transparency and more meaningful involvement and engagement … Continued

4 benefits of a paperless school

It’s no secret that humans don’t like change. If it comes down to doing it how we’ve always done it versus adopting a new way of doing things – chances are, we’re going to opt for the former. That’s why so many types of establishments, not just schools, still rely heavily on paper-based processes and … Continued

4 ways you can promote your school through parental engagement

Parental engagement can sometimes be seen as a bit of a “perfunctory” activity in some schools. It’s a case of broadcasting and sharing information, not necessarily starting a conversation. We’ve shared in a previous article our thoughts on how supporting more meaningful, two-way parental engagement can benefit your school, but where does school marketing come … Continued

4 ways to effectively communicate with parents using technology

Effective parental communication and engagement nowadays isn’t just about launching a new website, working up some pretty email templates or deploying a shiny new app. It’d be great if it was, wouldn’t it? In reality though, to really get the most out of parental engagement, you need to not just think about the what – … Continued

Parental engagement policy – what a good one looks like

You’ll probably be aware that parental engagement is an activity which is reviewed by Ofsted. In fact, the inspection handbook states that – under the criteria of “good” – “The school works well with parents, including those who might find working with the school difficult, to achieve positive benefits for pupils.” This could be interpreted … Continued

School newsletter vs newsfeed – which is right for you?

Traditionally, schools have chosen to share news, announcements and generally promote school activity and initiatives using a well-established format and channel: the newsletter. Whether that’s now moved onto email or not is by-the-by – the idea is still the same. Someone has to carefully curate and lay out the document, and then distribute it by … Continued

3 ways to increase parental involvement in school activities

We’re quite sure many a teacher, school receptionist or administrator has been there – lovingly planning a school event, gearing yourself up for a serious parent turnout, and having to rely on sending crumpled letters home with the pupils only to hope the parent will get the message. From sports day to parents evening, whether … Continued

School marketing strategies to boost parental engagement

You may see them as distinctly different concepts – school marketing is designed to attract and enrol new pupils, and parental engagement is designed primarily to keep those with children attending the school up to date with relevant events and news. But there’s no reason why both activities can’t go hand in hand. Approaching parental … Continued