Mobile parental communication app

A familiar and flexible experience for parents to engage with your school, enabling two-way messaging, custom newsfeeds and push notifications

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Customisable parental engagement app

Weduc brings all of your school communication and parental engagement into one platform – powered by a mobile app. With many schools still using outdated technology such as SMS messaging to get one-way communication to parents, our two-way messaging app could help you boost engagement. SMS as a primary means to send messages is diminishing – messaging app usage is on the up. Communicating with parents via the Weduc app brings familiarity and enhanced functionality to the process.

Along with the two-way messaging, the app also allows you to build a custom news feed for parents, sharing with them the most relevant information about their child, school events and other important updates. It also seamlessly integrates with other platforms like your website and social media accounts, bringing everything into one powerful platform.

The Weduc app works on Android, iOS and Windows systems, so it’s easy to get everyone involved.

  • Free in-app messaging, reducing reliance on SMS
  • Powerful two-way communication between parent and school
  • Digitalise your paper-based school communication saving money and time
  • Create personalised private newsfeeds to give each parent a unique experience tailored to them and their child
  • Send out clear and highly visible updates for important events such as school closures
  • Easily co-ordinate school event notifications, invitations and responses in one platform

Power your parental engagement with our app

Bring familiarity and great functionality to your parental engagement. Consolidate all of your communication
channels and create a custom experience for each parent.