Targeted two-way messaging

Make engagement more personalised and more meaningful with powerful free in-app targeted messaging.

Mobile App and Parent Portal

Create a personalised Weduc experience

Weduc combines an intuitive messaging platform with powerful targeting and scheduling functionality to enable you to create highly personalised, well-timed and engaging parental communication and content. Quickly and easily remind a parent to fill in a permission form for a trip, provide feedback on a school survey or attend an event, without having to dedicate any additional time. Follow-up messages and reminder notifications can be scheduled ahead of time within the Weduc app, so you keep up a steady stream of meaningful communication with parents without having to use valuable time and resource.

Within the Weduc app you are also able to create custom groups for certain activities, classes or year groups, allowing you to share highly relevant messages with the people who need to see it. Keep communication relevant and boost engagement through highly targeted in-app messaging.


  • Engage individuals or groups with highly targeted messaging
  • Share personalised content such as updates, notifications and newsletters
  • Measure parental engagement in real-time with message analytics
  • Equip parents with the most relevant information about their child’s learning and activities
  • Target newsfeed posts to individuals or groups to make the Weduc experience most relevant to them

Unlock more powerful parental engagement

Unlock unlimited, branded, true two-way targeted messaging with Weduc.