School Communication & Engagement

Whole-school communication for staff, parents and students with the added benefit of reducing both paper-spend and your carbon footprint.

Targeted Messaging

Two-way communication for simpler, effective conversations

  • Engage with individuals or groups

  • Share content such as newsletters

  • Qualify parental engagement with real-time, message analytics

  • Equip parents with relevant information around their child’s learning

Newsfeed & Social Media

Stay up-to-date whilst on the move

  • Secure, targeted communication within Weduc

  • Only see relevant posts and remove ‘noise’

  • Post out news or updates to a targeted audience

  • Share your posts to Facebook, Twitter and the larger social community

  • Keep up to date with your very own, private and personalised newsfeed

Mobile App & Parent Portal

Becoming more in-tune with your child’s education has never been easier

  • Communicate inside and outside of school from your mobile device

  • Easy access to important school announcements

  • Never miss a moment in a child’s learning journey

  • Receive push notifications and in-app messages from your school


Coordinate and organise important updates and school events

  • Clear and visible notices about activities and events

  • Easily view shared and private calendar events

  • Set automatic reminders for school closures and other important events

  • Streamlined event management with integrated personal calendars

Automate your processes and easily collect data from parents

  • Create and send forms via our app and portal

  • Effortlessly create forms from pre-made templates

  • Auto-route responses to relevant staff

  • Create self-service forms for parents such as change of address and trips

Real-time Communication

When instant contact with parents or teachers is required, such as in emergency situations, Weduc provides multiple methods to do this.

Simple-to-use Technology

Clunky consoles and fiddly mobile apps often prevent effective product uptake, Weduc uses a simple and intuitive design to guarantee maximum use.

Access Anywhere

Whether you’re a teacher at your desk, or a parent out shopping, Weduc provides you with the tools to effortlessly communicate with the school community.

Seamless Communication

Whether it’s a bulk message, a targeted announcement, an event, an email, or an SMS message, Weduc has you covered, and all from one single platform.

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